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Dwyer Stadium Dwyer Stadium is a pretty simple place, but sometimes the lighting right around game time can be spectacular. Late afternoon showers had threatened to cancel the game, but then the sun came out, flooding the home dugout with shadows and creating a rainbow just over the first base line. Conditions like this don't happen very often, and usually last for less than a minute.
Many of these shots of the 2000 Batavia team were rejected in favor of "action shots" for their card set. I had a couple of days to shoot when the blue sky was absolutely magic. I was pretty disappointed that some of these shots were passed over, like this one of pitcher Travis Alston. Travis Alston
Brandon Caraway Outfielder Brandon Caraway from Texas, also a very photogenic subject.
Kevin Donovan is a pitcher. He told me he didn't want anything fancy - "Just a regular pose." I kept telling him he looked like a hitter and he kept laughing and walking away. Then the next thing I know, Donovan is swinging a bat in the clubhouse! I got him out of there before he could hurt anybody and posed him on the outfield grass. I've never seen anybody get into it so fast! He told me he hadn't batted since high school, but you could have fooled me. Kevin Donovan
Alejandro Rojas Alejandro Rojas got nicknamed "Cookie" within minutes of arriving in the Phillies system. He's a nice kid from the Dominican Republic who spent some very frustrating time last season on the DL. I love watching him run the bases.
This is Jarrod Lawson's second season at Batavia. He was looking forward to pitching healthy and showing everyone what he could do. I took his picture for the 1999 card set also, but like this shot much better. Jarrod Lawson
Justin Duarte Justin Duarte was also spending his second season at Batavia. He asked me to get some pictures of him working during a game, which I did. But seeing a guy crouched behind the plate with catching gear on doesn't really personalize a baseball card. This shot was taken during a game, and it shows a lot more about Duarte, as well as his manager, Frank Klebe, and his coach Chico Fana. This is the kind of "action shot" I can relate to.
Infielder Preston Underdown was concerned that his card would get his name wrong. "It's not Underwood" he told me several times. I promised to do what I could, although the truth is, photographers don't have much control over what gets written on baseball cards. Preston is from Curt Schilling territory (Scottsdale, Arizona) - a nice omen for a future Phillie. Preston Underdown
Carlos Silverio I just love this picture of Carlos Silverio, although it's a long shot whether it will ever end up on a baseball card. In fact, it's a long shot whether Carlos will even have a card in the 2000 Batavia set. The second night I was in town, Carlos was the starting pitcher. He went five strong innings but had to leave the game with what turned out to be a fairly serious arm injury. He was leaving a day later to begin a rehab stint in Florida. My last memory of him is a forlorn-looking guy sitting alone in the stands. I tried to talk to him but his English and my Spanish didn't get us as far as I'd like. I wished him buena suerte and really do hope things work out better than they looked that night.
Catcher Dan Tosca - another very photogenic guy. Dan Tosca
Chad Sadowski Pitcher Chad Sadowski - only a steel grey sky kept this from being one of my favorite shots.
Infielder Scott Youngbauer from Georgia. Here's another guy who can have a backup career as a photographer's model if his baseball career doesn't take off. Scott Youngbauer