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Jason Michaels Here's CF prospect Jason Michaels at the bat rack during his second week of professional ball. He wasn't hitting his weight when this picture was taken, but blossomed during the final month of his first season.
If Ian Rauls doesn't make it as an outfielder, he has a promising career as a standup comic or a photographer's model. Ian Rauls
Batavia Clubhouse The Batavia clubhouse is a fun place to be. I'm responsible for bringing the guitar into the mix, but the rest happened spontaneously. That's former prospect Carlos Duncan holding the guitar case.
Pitcher Chris Pilato played the guitar. I thought we could make his baseball card something special by posing him, playing the guitar with a baseball glove on his left hand. I promised him there had never been a card quite like it before. Everyone had fun during the photo-shoot, but come the crunch, both Pilato and his GM thought better of the whole idea and opted for a conventional pose. Baseball is a very conservative game. Chris Pilato
Elio Serrano Pitcher Elio Serrano wasn't quite as conservative. He enjoyed Pilato's photo shoot so much that he insisted on getting into the action. Elio grabbed the guitar case, danced around left field with it, and insisted I take his picture.
Because Batavia lives near the bottom of the player development chain, the Phillies brass often come to visit. The week I was there, pitching/coaching legend Johnny Podres was in residence. Few of the guys on Batavia's roster really knew who Pods was, but one - Cary Hiles - asked me if I'd take a picture of him with Podres as a gift for his father. Johnny Podres and Cary Hiles
Nick Punto Nick Punto has been quietly putting together some solid numbers in his minor league career. Here he is behind the scenes during his first week in pro-ball.
Kenny Westmorland was one of the most photogenic guys I worked with. It was hard to get a bad picture of him, although sitting around the clubhouse eating a banana was not likely to end up on his baseball card. Kenny Westmorland
Shayne Carnes Shayne Carnes didn't make it very far in the Phils' minor league system, but we had fun taking his picture. He looked tough on his baseball card, with two bats on his shoulder, but I preferred the informality of this locker room shot.
Roger Rodeheaver was working very hard on his swing when roving batting instructor Billy Demars came to town. Demars' history with the Phillies goes back many years, and he enjoyed working with the kids, long after other guys would be happy to collect a social security check. Roger Rodeheaver and Billy Demars
Mike Zipser Pure and simple, Mike Zipser was one of the nicest guys I met as I traveled around the minors. I think this off-field shot captures something really basic about him.