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Frank Brooks With any luck this will be a historic picture of pitcher Frank Brooks. It was taken the day following his first professional victory. That's the local sports section describing the triumph in Frank's left hand.
When I met him, infielder Brian Hitchcox was on the DL and none too happy about it. I got him to show his frustration in this pose, which appeared on his rookie card. This picture and tale also appear in the August, 2000 issue of Tuff Stuff magazine. Brian Hitchcox
Brad Pautz I posed pitcher Brad Pautz in front of a Days Inn sign. His baseball card shows him with those yellow sunrays shooting out from his body. It's a very grabby picture that just says "star" all over it. In this preliminary pose, Pautz reveals his zanier side doing some sort of Egyptian dance.
Marlon Byrd is going to be a star. You heard it here. This would have made a hell of a rookie card, except the clueless printer rotated the picture 90 degrees, cutting off Byrd's hands in the process and rendering the pose all but meaningless. Here, finally, is a look at what Marlon's card was supposed to look like. Marlon Byrd
Mark Outlaw We used a different shot of pitcher Mark Outlaw on his card. This photo is a bit "serious" for a baseball card, but it's also rather striking in its own way.
Ryan Cody was spending too much time on the trainer's table and finally retired from the game. (Ryan actually appeared uncredited as the guy being pummeled on trainer Carl Heldman's card in the 1999 Batavia set.) I thought Cody had an interesting face and I liked this pose of him. We used it on his card, although the GM didn't want all that billboard writing to show through. The actual card has a computer -repainted background. Ryan Cody
Joe Schley Baseball and beer is a long standing marriage. I thought posing outfielder Joe Schley in front of this beer ad was a nice touch, but the GM didn't agree. Again, we had to use some computer magic to minimize the free advertising in the background on the card.
Dean Muthig is another one of those guys I found really photogenic. There were lots of good pictures to choose from when it came time to select his card. This is one we passed over, although I kind of like his impish grin. Dean Muthig
Dan Wilson It's hard to believe that 6'7" Dan Wilson was barely out of high school when this photo was taken. He may someday become a dominating pitcher, although he seems to be fighting the injury jinx early in his career.