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Marlon Anderson and Ramon Henderson The very first shot was taken just a few months after my book SMALL-TOWN HEROES: IMAGES OF MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL was published. Here's Marlon Anderson, then playing second base for Reading, smiling at his own image in the book. Nothing like finding yourself immortalized right before you take batting practice. That's Ramon Henderson, now the Phillies bullpen coach, ready to pounce on Marlon. As Ramon found out a few minutes later, he, too, appears in the book.
SMALL-TOWN HEROES is full of tales from the Phillies minor league system. Probably the easiest (and cheapest) way to find the book these days is at You can click here to visit the book's webpage at
Dueling popsicles. That's former prospect Steve Carver enjoying a clubhouse duel with former Reading farmhand Scott Pagano. Steve Carver and Scott Pagano
Dan Held Dan Held was a power hitting prospect for several years before the Phils finally gave up on him. When last heard from, Danny was turning heads in the Mets farm system, playing against his old AA teammates.