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Eric Valent If Eric Valent doesn't make it with his bat and his glove, he might have a backup career as a TV personality. Eric is one of the smoothest on-air presences around.
Hector Mercado had recently been sent down to AAA and was experiencing some serious doubts about his career. His face says it all in this unguarded moment. Hector Mercado
Marlon Byrd Super-prospect Marlon Byrd lost in thought with his perpetual toothpick in place.
Catcher Johnny Estrada. He's ready for his call-up to the major leagues. He knows it. The fans know it. The Phillies know it. For the moment, it's just a waiting game. Johnny Estrada
Mike Mason Pitching coach Mike Mason, who happily moved to the Phillies organization from Kansas City. Sometimes a face tells you what you need to know about the personality that goes with it. As this picture suggests, Mike Mason is a really nice guy.
Red Barons manager Marc Bombard with visiting Yankees skipper Stump Merrill. Just as I snapped this picture, Merrill commented "I hope you have a wide angle lens on that thing." Marc Bombard & Stump Merrill
Billy McMillon Much-traveled former Phillie Billy McMillon, now with the Columbus Clippers, enjoying himself on a return visit to Scranton.
Pitcher Joe Roa being intereviewed by the local TV station. Roa was attracting increasing media attention with his 14-0 record and ERA under 2. Phillies skipper Larry Bowa observed, "I don't care if you do it in Little League. 14-0? That's for real." Joe Roa
Chase Utley Would-be third baseman Chase Utley signing pre-game autographs. I don't like to shoot players' backs, but the look on these kids' faces was priceless. It offers a glimpse of the special experiences that will shape the next generation of fans.
Pitcher Jeremy Wedel and a young fan during the playing of the National Anthem. An unposed moment that says a lot about both America and minor league baseball. Jeremy Wedel